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The First Responders Children’s Foundation awards scholarships to children of law enforcement officers or firefighters lost in the line of duty or permanently disabled in the line of duty. These awards recognize financial need as well as academic and overall achievement and help students by providing financial support for their education at qualified institutions.

The deadline for all scholarship applications for the 2018-2019 academic year is July 1, 2018.

General Scholarship

General Scholarships range from $500 to $5000 per year.  The number of scholarships awarded varies from year to year.  A general scholarship may be renewed annually (for up to a maximum of four years) depending on the availability of funds and the financial need and academic record of the awardee.

Included in our general scholarships for 2018 are five $1000 awards sponsored by the Lindenhurst High School Class of 2018.  We thank the Lindenhurst Senior class for their generosity in underwriting these five awards.

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Christopher Lawton Memorial Scholarship

Christopher Michael Lawton, who died in the line of duty on March 12, 2018, served full-time as Deputy Chief with Zachary Fire Department and a Commissioned Reserve Officer with the Zachary Police Department. He was a dedicated public servant in Zachary, Louisiana for over twenty years. The scholarship will honor one outstanding student each year in Christopher’s memory and is a $1000 award for a single academic year.

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Global First Responders Scholarship

Founded in 2015, the Global Foundation for First Responders (GFFFR) mission is to support the families of first responders who lost their lives saving others in the line of duty.  These men and women dedicated their lives to helping others and ensuring safety.  GFFFR honors these individuals, and would like to give back to their families to show appreciation.  In 2016, the GFFFR partnered with the First Responders Children’s Foundation to sponsor the Global First Responders Scholarship.  The scholarship is awarded annually to one exceptional incoming freshman. It is a $20,000 award over a four year period ($5,000 per year) contingent upon the recipient maintaining all applicant eligibility requirements during the four years of the award.  Preference for this award will be given to an eligible student who is from or resides and attends school in the New York Tri-state area (NY, NJ, CT).

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Victoria Ovis Memorial Scholarship

Victoria Ovis, who passed away suddenly on May 25, 2005, had over 30 years of law enforcement experience with the United States Customs Service and the Department of Homeland Security. The scholarship will honor one outstanding student each year in Victoria’s memory and is a $2000 award for a single academic year.

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Vincent Bennett, Jr. Memorial Scholarship

Vincent Bennett, who passed away suddenly on September 19, 2013, was a Manager for Cisco Systems in Iselin, N.J. for 15 years, and an integral member of the Foundation’s inaugural Hero Awards Gala in September of 2013. The gala was near and dear to Vince’s heart as he came from a family of first responders. He was a member of the National Sheriffs Association and an associate member of the International Association of the Chiefs of Police. The scholarship will honor one exceptional incoming freshman each year in Vince’s memory and is a $20,000 award over a four year period ($5,000 per year).

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