The First Responders Children’s Foundation exists to support the children of law enforcement personnel and firefighters who have died or been disabled in the line of duty.  Our grant programs have the following purpose:

  1. To support the children of families of law enforcement personnel and firefighters who are in financial need due to tragic circumstances;
  2. To organize and support exhibits, tributes, events and programs to raise awareness regarding the contributions to child welfare made by organizations associated with law enforcement and firefighters;
  3. To support, promote and facilitate educational activities and programs created by or affiliated with law enforcement and firefighting organizations whose purposes are to benefit children or the community at large; and
  4. to provide contributions of funds, equipment and other resources to be used for childhood education and for the general benefit of such children.

How Are Applicants Accepted?

Applicants will be judged by a Grants Committee. Grants Committee members will not participate in discussions and will not be involved in decisions regarding applicants to whom they are related. Applicants must reside in the United States.

Who is Eligible?


Parent or adult guardian of the child of a law enforcement officer or firefighter.  Awards are designated to answer a specific financial need due to tragic circumstances.  Candidates are required to demonstrate and document financial need.  The amount of the grant varies and depends on the current financial state of the family/candidate and on the total amount of funds available.

Application Procedure


Applicants must be officially affiliated with a Law Enforcement agency or Fire Department to be eligible for grant consideration. Grant requests should be related to educational activities and programs which benefit children within the community at large.

Application Procedure