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Our Mission

Child2The NLEAFCF offers grant and scholarship programs to children of law enforcement officers and firefighters who have been lost or permanently disabled in the line of duty.

The Foundation also promotes and facilitates educational activities and programs created and operated by law enforcement and firefighting organizations whose purpose is to benefit the children in their communities.

Although created in the aftermath of September 11, 2001, NLEAFCF serves the needs of children and families from across the country who have suffered from a line of duty loss or tragedy prior to, including or after “9/11.”  The Foundation recognizes that the loss of a parent impacts a child for a lifetime.  We are committed to providing long-term support to ensure the needs of these children are met during not only at the initial time of crisis, but into the future.

To date we have spent $3 million dollars to benefit our mission! In the past year:

77% of our total expenses were devoted directly to our programs

5% of our total expenses went to fundraising

18% of our total expenses went to administrative costs

Fiscal Year Ending March 31, 2016

Total Program Expenses: $212,337.08

Total Fundraising Expenses: $15,000

Total Administrative Expenses: $48,885.97

Total Revenue:  $301,402

End of Year Net Assets:  $578,854

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Our Program Expenses Support

Scholarship Opportunities

NLEAFCF College Scholarships recognize academic achievement and financial need providing financial aid for the education of students who have lost a parent in the line of duty or had a parent permanently disabled in the line of duty.  Since 2005, NLEAFCF has distributed 133 scholarships to students in 28 different states.

Available Scholarship Opportunities

Grant Opportunities

Grants to Families

NLEAFCF offer individual grants which provide financial assistance for an immediate need due to tragic circumstances.

Grants to Law Enforcement and Fire Department Organizations

NLEAFCF offers organizational grants supporting and promoting educational activities or programs that benefit the children and families in the department’s local community.

Available Grant Opportunities

Our Events

The NLEAFCF hosts events which allow families to come together in a positive environment where they can gather, celebrate and help ease a sorrow that perhaps fades, but never disappears.

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